Alrek Student Conference

Students will present their theses on June 7, 2023, so save the date! To present, please submit your abstract by May 4th.

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«Good exam preparation,» «inspiration for additional study,» and «validation that the project is worthwhile» were just some of the comments we received during the Student Conference last year. Do you currently have a master’s or doctorate thesis in progress that deals with health and society?  Submit an abstract to present at the Alrek student conference 2023 here. The deadline is May 4!

The conference serves as a hub for students, professionals, and academics. Students may present both at the beginning and the end of their project. A separate English-language symposium will be attempted if there are sufficient English-language submissions to the conference.

The student conference is a special opportunity for students to present their work, for professionals in the workforce to network with individuals who will address future health and care concerns, and for bachelor’s students to find motivation for their master’s!

Register as a participant for the Alrek student conference 2023 here (free).

Alrek Student Conference 2023


We are proud that the City Commissioner for Child Welfare and Social Services in Bergen Municipality, and the Rector of VID Specialized University will open the conference for us!

The student program comes on 13 May.

  •  Line Berggreen Jacobsen Line Berggreen Jacobsen Commissioner for Child Welfare and Social Services
    Bergen Municipality
  • Bård Mæland Bård Mæland Rector
    VID Specialized University

Around May 13, 2023, the schedule for the student presentations will be delivered. By that time, the abstracts will have been evaluated and organized into various subject symposia.

Are you student and consider to have a presentation?

You can submit an abstract to the Alrek student conference here. The call for abstracts has a deadline of May 4. A brief overview of your master’s or primary project should be submitted here. To solicit advice and suggestions, you can share your project plan, as well as your findings or initial analyses. Project plans will be presented for 5 minutes, and analyses and findings will be presented for 10 minutes.

The abstracts submitted will be evaluated by a scientific committee, and you will be notified by May 12 if you have been chosen to present. Following that, you are assigned to various thematic symposiums.

Based on the submitted abstracts, the themes for the various symposia are determined. Health and society are the conference’s main themes.

What do you get out of presenting?

Send in your abstract to participate! Those chosen to speak will be given:

  • advice on presentation skills
  • nice oral exam preparation
  • contributions from professionals, academics, and other students
  • describe a project that you put a lot of effort and thought into.
  • practice presenting your own work while standing on a stage.
  • improved comprehension of the assignment’s primary findings and problems
  • lunch and other social gatherings with fellow students that participated in the conference!

The project is perceived as more significant and essential by students when it has been condensed into a brief presentation of 5 to 10 minutes, according to student feedback.

We discovered that after receiving instruction in presentation method, students significantly improve their communication skills. Excellent mediators who competed in the Forsker Grand Prix competition and through that experience gained in-depth instruction from experienced mediators will provide the directions.

Can I participate without presenting my paper?

Sure ! We want a broadly composed audience. We especially welcome students with a specific interest in or background in the health and care sector as well as students of all year levels in health and social studies,  in addition to professionals from research, teaching, health, care, and social services.

You can sign up here: Alrek Student Conference 2023 Registration – Online Form

When will the conference program be finalised?

The scientific committee has until May 12 to review submitted abstracts and organize the symposia. The program is then published on the website.

Bilde av bygg: Eivind Senneset. Bilde av dame: Unsplash

Alrek studentkonferanse 2023

7.-7. juni 2023

Midgard, Alrek helseklynge, Årstadveien 17

Alrekdagene 2023 – sett av 20.-22. september!

20.-22. september 2023

Årstadveien 17 med flere